This table shows the general areas and dates where AIRSAR data have been collected since 1988. Click on the flight year for detailed information, imagery and request forms for each site acquired during that year.

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PacRim Master Data

Flight YearGeneral Sites and DatesScience ObjectivesPre Mission Daily Plan / Daily Report / Mission Calendar
Central and South America and Antarctica
Colorado:NorPark,RabbitEars, Fraser,FrasePark,Silverton,YankeeBoy. Arizona:PariaRiver,Cameron,AshurstLake,AvraValley. California:DeathValley,SanFrancisco,Rosamond.

April:SouthernCalifornia Coastal waters(Ocean eddies study)

July:Oklahoma:OklahomaCity,WashitaWatersh,RegionalBoxes. Arizona:AvraValley,CasaGrande,MeteorCrater,Cameron. Colorado:aymonFireSea,Silverton,YankeeBoy. Montana:Montana Military. WY:Yellowstone. California: DumontDunes,AmboyCrater,SaltonSeaDune,Rosamond.
2002September: Colorado: NorthPark, RabbitEars, Fraser, FraserPark, Silverton.
Arizona: PariaRiver, Cameron, AshurstLake
California: DeathValley

June-July: Des Moines, Walnut Creek, IO. Goldgate, San francisco, Rosemond DryLake, CA. Rodeo-Chediski, AZ.

February-April: Colorado Springs - Cold Land Processes,Wisconsin - Great Lakes Ice-Breakup. Additional data flights over CA, NM, AZ and OR.
July-October: PacRim 2000 Mission - French Polynesia, American and Western Samoa, Fiji,
New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan,South Korea, Japan, Northern Marianas,
Guam, Palau, Hawaii, Alaska and continental
1999May-June: Continental US
1998April-early May: Continental US
October-November: Continental US (EOCAP)
1997No Flight Dates
1996May-July:Continental US and Alaska
October-December: Continental US,Pacific Rim (Hawaii,
New Zealand,Australia,Papua New Guinea, Malaysia,Thailand,
Brunei, Cambodia,Philippines,Taiwan
1995March-April:Continental US
May: Greenland, Continental US
June-August: Continental US, Canada
1994March-August: Continental US, Canada
September: Canada
October: Continental US
1993May: Continental US
May-June: Central and South America (Mexico,Belize,
Galapagos,Columbia,Ecuador,Peru,Guyana,French Guiana)
June-August: Continental US, Canada, Hawaii
1992AIRSAR earlier missions (duplication only)
1991AIRSAR earlier missions (duplication only)
1990AIRSAR earlier missions (duplication only)